What is it?

TO KNOW HIM AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN.  We believe that this sums up the Christian life.  Our Discipleship Program is an intensive 3-week experience during our summer season designed for 16-18 year old students who are interested in being challenged in these two facets of the Christian life.  Each year, the program alternates between the two themes:  

SUMMER 1 - “To Know Him”

SUMMER 2 - “To Make Him Known.”



We are gripped by the gospel and begin a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Everything flows from a life of intimate connection to God.  So, we want to focus on ways TO KNOW HIM.  We do this through habits of grace such as prayer, meditation, fasting, worship, and Bible study.  This program delves deeper into:

  • The Gospel
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Fasting
  • Worship
  • Silence and Solitude


Acts 4:20 says, “For we cannot help but speak of the things we have seen and heard.”  As our hearts are saturated with the love of Christ and we grow to know God more and more, we will begin to proclaim his goodness to others.  We will desire for others to enjoy the abundant life that God offers through Christ.  An overflow of knowing God will be a heart TO MAKE HIM KNOWN to others who are yet to experience freedom from the slavery of sin.  We do this by finding ways to proclaim the gospel in all the earth.  This program focuses on:

  • The Gospel
  • Lifestyle of Worship
  • The Mission of God
  • Global Christianity
  • Evangelism
  • Finding a Place in God’s Global Story

Summer 2017: To Make Him Known