Introduced in 2010, the high-ropes have proven to be a high-flying success! 

High-ropes participants will enter and exit the course by way of zip lines.  The entry zip glides 75 feet into the course while the exit zip proves to be an exciting finish as campers float nearly 300 ft. back to ground-level.


The CLS High-Ropes Course is a tandem course 28 feet above the ground.  It is excellent for helping campers see the necessity of interdependence in the Christian life. 

Just like flying high with a partner on the ropes, we all need someone to “watch us” and it is healthy for us to watch others.  Campers will learn these lessons and many more as they navigate the various high ropes elements including The Catwalk, Hour-Glass, Grapevine, and The Swinging Foot Bridge.