At 40 ft. tall, our action-packed tower has something to challenge everyone. 


Two zip-lines veer off in opposite directions at the pinnacle of the tower.  These zip-lines are aptly named "David" and "Goliath."  David spans about 210 ft. while the newly-extended Goliath stretches a staggering 550 ft.!  While whirring through the air high above the trees while dangling from a rope and harness, it's safe to say that both zips come with a nice dose of adrenaline (free of charge).


Our climbing wall has two routes.  The first is suitable for novices that have limited or no experience climbing.  It is a great option for many brave, first-time climbers to build their courage and reach new heights.  The second route is for advanced climbers who want to push themselves to a new level.  The upper portion of the climb is complete with a challenging incline that will push even the most experienced climbers.



Once a camper reaches the top of the tower, he can either fly off by way of our David zip-line or choose to rappel down the face of the tower.  The rappelling is facilitated by our tower guru.  The initial backwards lean off of the top of the tower is sure to give a rush.  Though it can be scary, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about trust.


"The name of the Lord is a strong TOWER; the righteous man runs into it and is safe."

~ Proverbs 18:10